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Due to my TikTok attention span I had to read this in 50 parts /s... Glad I did because you make some excellent points. Modern higher education is vocational, a far cry from the educational model of the past. The trade off is that it’s more accessible to the masses, but I think that’s the point. Service-based economies such as ours in the US necessitate more training than high school can provide. Plus, why not offload the burden of training costs to the learner?

True learning needs to connect dots from all over our mental maps to be authentic. Read the docs, sure, but also read the preceding and tertiary canons and have discourse about them with mentors and peers.

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Yes! It's definitely one piece of a much more complicated model for learning. There's upside to the shortcuts, as you suggest -- namely accessibility, and that's probably sufficient to be competent, which is enough to make an honest living, which sometimes is all that matters. But for true breakthrough or excellence, it feels like one component of the larger system that's underemphasized is the stuff we subconsciously dismiss as "boring".

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